About Us

Enhancing Health ServicesWelcome to the official website of the International Health Services Group (IHSG). Thank you for visiting. IHSG is a social enterprise founded in 2007 by Charles R. Evans to support health services development in underserved areas of the world. It is the mission of IHSG to work with established organizations to supplement their capabilities in healthcare management and development as they work to achieve their broader missions.


We do this by bringing together a variety of healthcare professionals -- including executives, nursing specialists, biomedical engineers and many others -- to lend their experience and expertise to the new and ongoing projects of our partners. Additionally, we work to assemble available resources -- including medical supplies, equipment, personnel and more -- to further support our partners in meeting the needs of those they serve.


We encourage you to visit our foundation website to learn more about our work.


Thank you for your interest in International Health Services Group.

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