About Us

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The International Health Services Foundation is a Private Operating Foundation founded by Charles R. Evans.  Our goal is to partner with existing health and social services organizations, including non-governmental and Foundation_about_us_15government entities, to enhance the availability of quality health services in developing countries.


our  mission

The mission of IHSF is to work with others in improving access to quality health services in underserved areas of the world.


our values

  • To serve with highest integrity in all that we do.
  • To consistently demonstrate respect for our colleagues, our partners and those we serve.
  • To assure optimal use of limited resources.
  • To value and support local decision-making.


our vision

We will be recognized as a highly regarded partner in effectively meeting the health services needs of the underserved.

our  strategic  direction
We will …

  • Establish a network of associates across a broad range of competencies that make up the IHSF team.
  • Create relationships with highly effective partners.
  • Focus on a limited number of high impact projects.
  • Work with a broad network of individuals and organizations who are pursuing a similar mission to that of IHSF.
  • Identify and assist in securing resources that are available to assist in achieving our mission, and the missions of our partners.



our  guiding  principles
We will …

  • Associate only with highly regarded partners.
  • Exercise discipline in allocation of resources to assure optimal utilization.
  • Plan our work based on an understanding of the needs of the communities we serve.
  • Honor the cultural and ethnic traditions of those we serve.