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Welcome to the official website of the International Health Services Foundation (IHSF). Thank you for visiting. The IHSF is a social enterprise dedicated to the development of needed health services in underserved areas of the world. Our intent is to partner with existing health and social services organizations which are already working to meet the various neeFoundation_welcome_13ds of those in developing countries. The role of IHSF is to supplement the existing healthcare programs of these partner organizations, continuously enhancing the capacity and quality of services they are able to provide. To do this, we bring together a variety of healthcare professionals -- including executives, nursing specialists, biomedical engineers and many others -- to lend their experience and expertise to the new and ongoing projects of our partners. Additionally, we work to assemble available resources -- including medical supplies, equipment, personnel and more -- to further support our partners in meeting the needs of those they serve.


We invite you to read more about the mission and direction of IHSF by visiting our About Us page.


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