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Welcome to the Leadership Corps website and thank you for visiting! Leadership Corps seeks to improve the quality of life in communities of developing countries by enhancing health services to produce better health outcomes. This is accomplished by providing experienced healthcare leaders from the U.S., who volunteer their services, as coaches to developing-world partners which have specific healthcare management and organizational needs. Leadership Corps is a nonprofit organization.


Many developing countries are in need of improving the managerial capacity and the technical skills of their senior and mid-level healthcare management workforce. Healthcare systems in these countries have an acute shortage of trained personnel in leadership roles. These healthcare systems need to develop people whose leadership skills and management competencies match their responsibilities.


Leadership Corps addresses this issue by engaging in field-based, in-country partner mentoring relationships. Management and leadership capacity is strengthened by this coaching relationship, in order to enhance health services. Building this type of leadership capacity has the potential to produce better health outcomes in resource-limited settings. The mentoring relationship extends indefinitely past the field experience through long distance communication between the coach and the field partner.


A pilot project for Leadership Corps was conducted in 2012. The field experience was completed in October, and mentoring is ongoing. During this pilot, Ms. Linda Clark mentored Dr. Amanda Madrid of PREDISAN, a faith-based healthcare organization operating in Catacamas, Honduras. The partnership jointly established the goal of Dr. Amanda and her directors learning project management skills. Based on the outcomes of the pilot field experience, a standard protocol is being developed to be used in future Leadership Corps partnerships.


Volunteers in the Leadership Corps are being recruited from the growing cadre of retired and semi-retired health care managers in the U.S. We offer a unique opportunity to broaden your perspective, utilize your skills and talents and have an impact in a way not available in the past for healthcare executives. It can be a life changing experience for the healthcare executives in these developing countries. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please click here to complete our online volunteer application form. If you would like to learn about other ways that you can help, please click here to contact us now.


Thank you for your interest in the Leadership Corps.

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